Dionisis Verras
Efi Viskadourou
Maria Kolliakoudaki
Iro Savvaki

Kornarou Square,
Heraklion Crete (map)

Tel: +30 2810 285515
Fax: +30 2810 288835

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Criminal Law
Civil Law
Labour Law
Commercial Law
Administrative Law
Law of Aliens

Welcome to D. Verras and Partners Law Office,

   D. Verras and Partners Law Office was established in 1987 in Heraklion Crete by the lawyer Dionisios Verras. From the very beginning, it earned a sterling reputation as one of the most serious law offices around the Cretan society because of the consequence, the progress and the effectiveness in the way it handlew every case.

   Nowadays, our Law Office is at the top of Greek market and it has expanded its activity abroad. It collaborates with important law offices inside and outside the country (especially in Germany). A large team of lawyers (main and freelancers), who combine great experience and professional abilities with love for their job, staffs the Office.

   Professionalism, responsibility and law knowledge is the secret of the long and successful history of our office, which determines it and makes the difference.

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